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What are we?
Growing up, my family didn’t have much. We were poor, and struggled to make ends meet. Living below the poverty limit was something that was normalized to me and my family, and we had to make do with what we had.

Now, I’m a 27 year old college graduate making a decent salary, living with my significant other and my two cats. And I’m finding out how to live life one day at a time.

I wanted to start this blog to share with other people how to navigate life from humble beginnings, and how to stay humble while earning a decent living.

I’ll be making a wide range of blog posts, and I’d love to have several themes encompassing the essence of living life as a young person trying to make it in the real world. These themes range from Personal Reflection, Productivity, Financial Wellness, Apartment/New Home Inspiration and Hacks, holiday discussions and recommendations, along with other general life advice. In the future, I would love to have “seasons” encompassing a variety of “episodes” pertaining to that topic, and once each episode is completed, to have a summary and season finale of that topic. (Original, right?) In the future, I’d also love to focus on a larger niche within men’s fashion, mainly so I can learn more about how to be fashionable and share it with everyone. My partner is coming with me along this journey, and I’d love to share this entire experience with you guys as well.

I’m using this blog to share my experience, specifically as a person of color in the United States, and to of course, stay humble.

Now, what the heck does “Rags2Voguish” mean? As said above, and if it isn’t already plainly obvious, it’s a timeline from living poor to getting vogue status. With popularity comes fame. With fame comes money. However, none of that will matter without being humble, which is what we all started with. Humble beginnings.

Please feel free to comment and share any experiences you have had, and come along with me on my journey.

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